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Veterinary Services have started FMD vaccination in 3 governorates

Dr Essam Abdel Shakur, head of the central Information and Extension
Service Department at the Head Office of the General Organisation of
Veterinary Services [GOVS], Ministry of Agriculture, has announced
that FMD vaccination has started. The vaccine used is new, produced
locally by the vaccine plant in Abbassiyah [Serum and Vaccine
Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture] jointly with the Holding Company
for Biological Products and Vaccines (‘VACSERA’; Ministry of Health).
This vaccine has already been found to be more effective than an
imported vaccine, as observed in 3 governorates: Al-Ismailia, New
Valley (Al Wadi Al-Jadid), and Al-Buhayrah. Dr Abdel Shakur said that
all livestock would be vaccinated against diseases which are present
in Egypt — namely FMD serotypes A, O, and SAT2, and Rift Valley fever
[RVF; see comment].

He added that, in the initial phase, 600 000 doses of the locally
produced vaccine have been distributed in 11 provinces [governorates],
out of the 2 million doses planned. Abdel Shakur described the special
efforts exercised to educate and guide the Egyptian animal holders
about the importance of implementing security measures which are
essential to prevent the spread of the SAT-2 virus to healthy
uninfected animals or into yet-uninfected locations and to control the

A source in the Veterinary Services informed ‘Al-Youm Al-Sabah’ that
the veterinary services have decided to carry out the vaccination in
the various provinces following observations showing that
post-vaccination swelling at the site of injection disappears after 4
days. The Veterinary Services advised the vaccine producers to include
the information on the possible occurrence of 4-day swelling on the
vaccine’s use instructions, to avoid panicking of smallholders.

The vaccine has been released for field use following safety tests
during the initial experimental phase.

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