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Rabies – South Africa: (KZN), human ex Mozambique

ATENÇÃO: RAIVA ! Uma vez mais…..agora Moçambique.

Rabies: farmer fights for life
An Underberg [KwaZulu-Natal] farmer and top canoeist has rabies, his
doctor Grant Lindsay confirmed yesterday [Mon 13 May 2012]. Lindsay
said they have lab results confirming the rabies diagnosis. “The test
came back positive that he is infected with rabies [virus]. He is in a
critical, but stable condition,” he said. He added that the patient is
still in the Intensive Care Unit at the Medi-Clinic fighting for his

The farmer was holidaying in Mozambique when he became ill and
returned home. His condition worsened and he was admitted to hospital
last Wednesday [9 May 2012]. Lindsay said there is a chance of
survival for the patent, who is well-known in farming and canoeing

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[The circumstances of the exposure of the Underberg farmer to rabies
virus infection are not explained, nor is it stated whether he
contracted rabies from a domestic animal, a wild-life source, or a
bat. The unfortunate victim is now in intensive care, but is judged to
have a chance of survival which suggest that he may have received
post-exposure vaccination and/or immunoglobulin treatment at some time
after his exposure. Hopefully he may survive.

Rabies is endemic in Mozambique including among urban canines. The US
CDC Health Information for Travelers to Mozambique
( recommends
that rabies vaccination should be considered for travellers intending
to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in rural areas, involved
in activities such as bicycling, camping, or hiking. Rabies
vaccination is also recommended for travelers with significant
occupational risks (such as veterinarians), for long-term travelers
and expatriates living in areas with a significant risk of exposure,
and for travelers involved in any activities that might bring them
into direct contact with bats, carnivores, and other mammals.

Underberg is situated in the south of KwaZulu-Natal far away from the
border with Mozambique in the north. The location of Underberg can be
found in the map of KwaZulu-Natal at:

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